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June Update 2016



Attention - Its Importance in Making Connections

by Lyn Ayer

A silhouette of a tree with the words "Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity." - Simone WeilAttention is something we all seek in some shape or form. And it is something we give others in order to make that essential connection with them. So when thinking about attention, we need to think about relationships, our desire to connect and to be connected to people, but also to things, and places. But it is not that simple.
Attention is a complex and multi-dimensional process. So if we need to have a child who is deafblind pay attention, we need to understand it better – and determine how best it will work for a specific child. If we can think about ourselves – and how we attend or how we need to attend better – it often helps us figure out what might be tried with a child.

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Teachers and Grant Writing - What's the Connection?

by Carol Dennis


Children raise their hands in a classroom.I had heard that TRI’s Christina Reagle was scheduled to present a Grant Writing 101 workshop to a room full of Western Oregon University (WOU) students. Nothing unusual about that. But these students are about to graduate from the WOU College of Education and begin their first teaching jobs. Why would these new teachers need to develop grant-writing skills, I wondered? So, I went along to find out.





TRI's Center on Early Learning to Present at 2016 QRIS National Meeting


TRI's Center on Early Learning staff will participate in four presentations at the 2016 QRIS National Meeting, hosted by the QRIS National Learning Network and the Build Initiative. The presentations are:
  • Building a CQI Culture: Technical Assistance to Prepare Programs and Strengthen Leaders 
  • Professional Development Frameworks that Support Inclusion in QRIS: a Four-State Perspective
  • Linking Development, Implementation, and Evaluation: Continuous Improvement of a QRIS Through Data 
  • We Can’t Just Translate Everything! Rethinking Equitable Access to QRIS through Culturally Relevant Translation Processes

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