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September Update 2016



From the Vault at TRI


With the new academic year just beginning here at Western Oregon University, we at TRI thought we'd send out our newsletter highlighting a few of the articles that many of our readers found most useful.


We hope you find them helpful. Enjoy!



How to Use Sign Language Interpreters Effectively


By Leanne Cook



Leanne Cook was a student worker at TRI assigned to the Center on Deaf-Blindness when she took it upon herself to create this useful guide. Of course, we hired her after graduation!









The Great Importance of a Little Pronoun
By Kathryn Ayres



Gender symbol - male, female, transIn the midst of the North Carolina House Bill 2, the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act, and the most recent Target boycott, the conversation around what it means to be transgender has reached a heightened level of awareness in our country. The issue in both of these examples hinges on the use of public restrooms, but encompasses the broader issue of gender identity.



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Teachers and Grant Writing - What's the Connection?


By Carol Dennis


I had heard that TRI’s Christina Reagle was scheduled to present a Grant Writing 101 workshop to a room full of Western Oregon University (WOU) students. Nothing unusual about that. But these students are about to graduate from the WOU College of Education and begin their first teaching jobs. Why would these new teachers need to develop grant-writing skills, I wondered? So, I went along to find out.







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